What Will Our Legacy Be?

Economic Development

The Program goal is to assist small business owners who need "seed" or "start-up" capital. Most funding for small business is unattractive for venture capital funds. Our goal is to utilize funds assisting with urban and rural areas, we can weed through businesses that have reached out to us or ones we already know are seeking funding. We use the same vetting process as we would any private equity investment.

Social Finance

The Program impacts social investment assisting with organizations that target areas of poverty; low job skills, education, health, hunger, housing and violence. Groups that make a community, whether it be local or global, more sustainable and promote economic growth through change and assistance.

Social Thought and Political Economy

The Program encourages our political leaders to engage in a critical examination of society and to develop their capacities to confront fundamental questions often ignored or neglected by traditional thought. We engage our political leaders to see how they deal with issues such as; freedom, state and federal regulations, special interests, structural inequality in the economy, the intersection of class, race, religion, gender, and sexuality, and theories of social change.