Pro Bono

We leverage our team’s unique intellectual capital and business talent, customizing every project to meet client needs.  The result is a mutually rewarding experience — for our associates and alumni who want to impact the social good, and for our non-profit clients who need professional help.

A typical pro bono consulting project: 

Addresses business-related issues within the organization such as strategic planning, organizational development, finance, and marketing. 

Is focused, to be completed by a volunteer team of consultants working 2-4/hrs per week individually over 3-4 months. Is designed to create significant strategic impact on the organization. Excludes direct fundraising activities.

Specific types of projects include: 

  1. Strategic Planning Process
  2. Market Assessment
  3. Operational Review
  4. Business Planning
  5. Board Governance
  6. Financial Sustainability & Development
  7. Marketing/Communications/Branding Strategy
  8. Growth Plan
  9. Revenue/Earned Income Plan