Choose portfolios with confidence.

Get simple explanations that help take the mystery out of choosing your investments with our DB Advisor assisted experience.

dBDirect is available through DB Advisors, which utilizes pre-allocated ETF's to match your investment objectives, risk tolerances and time horizons. You'll receive low cost and tax efficient investments, which can help you save today so you can invest more for tomorrow.

Trade your own account.

You may choose to trade your own account with minimal advice from a DB Advisor. Restrictions apply.

We created dBDirect to meet the need of individual investors that are typically 35 & under, with less than $50,000 in investable assets; who are self reliant, but still want a little direction.

Personal advice when you need it. Access to your account anytime, on any device.

The right level of risk

Determining your time horizon, we'll help you determine the right allocation model adjusted for risk. 

How much to invest

Based on the total amount you need to reach your desired target, we'll help you determine how much to deposit each month.

Tactical Allocation

We are committed to helping investors build dynamic, diverse portfolios that today's financial times require.

Step by step guidance.

  • You pay a small annual fee of only 0.50%.

  • We'll recommend an investing plan and use our technology to build you a personalized portfolio.

  • Additional service is available by your request and by your budget ONLY.

  • Accounts or households with NAV below $2,500 should set up an auto-deposit of $100 per month.

What about transaction costs?

  • Costs will be determined by trading volume and will generally be around $10 per month or less.

  • All transactions are executed quickly and precisely by the Brokerage Custodian.

  • We cannot mark up any transaction costs.

Need More Guidance?

We combine award-winning trading platforms that provide unprecedented transparency into your finances with personal attention from licensed financial advisors. 

A DB Advisor is assigned to you, they are dedicated to assisting you set up your account. If you need further assistance, they are only a phone call, email or text message away.

As you build your investment portfolio, you may need further guidance with Wealth Management and actively Managed Accounts which are tailored exactly for you...Your DB Advisor is ready to help!

Douglas Bagwell & Co., LLC, ("DB Advisors"), is an investment adviser registered with the States of Missouri and Nebraska. Any reference to the advisory services refers to Douglas Bagwell & Co., LLC. Registration does not imply a certain level of skill or training nor does it imply endorsement by the SEC or any State Securities Division. Past performance is not a guarantee of future return, nor is it necessarily indicative of future performance. Keep in mind investing involves risk.