Our goal is to elevate your online trading and client management experience. Here are examples of how recent advancements to our trading platforms will impact you:

  • Integrated rebalancing saves you time by eliminating manual rebalancing.
  • Easily group related accounts to place trades for a large group.
  • Filter your account list by balance, buying power or funds available.
  • Be alerted to margin calls in real-time.
  • Save a trade for execution later in the day. Tee up a trade in the morning and launch at a time you choose later in the day. You’re able to modify saved trades without cancelling.
  • Fill out multiple orders on the same trade and roll those orders up into one average price across your client accounts. Enter as many block orders as you want.


When you become a Partner, we make sure you have all your computer systems in place and operating so you can get to work immediately.